Are virtual data rooms secure?

In the business world, security is the key to successful operations. The data that every company holds is it’s most valuable and at the same time, it’s most vulnerable. If they fall into the wrong hands, the whole existence of the organization can be endangered. That’s why every business needs a reliable solution for storing and sharing documents. Conventional online storage is not suitable for such a task, but there is a virtual data room, whose security features are suitable for storing documents of any degree of importance. Learn more about VDR’s security features below.

Why Data Rooms are Suitable for Storing Sensitive Data

Virtual Data Rooms are online digital platforms designed to store sensitive data and share it securely within the software. The use of VDRs is not limited to any particular line of business. It can be used everywhere from nonprofits and education to medical and legal institutions.  The Data Room is involved in many transactions involving the sale or purchase of businesses, investments, real estate, litigation, and audits. Business owners around the world boldly declare that they trust VDR space because these solutions strengthen the security of their businesses at the most vulnerable moments, as well as improve communication between parties, speed up the transaction process and simplify many work processes.

Data rooms are guaranteed to be relevant until an even more robust solution emerges, as the digitalization of business thrives and doesn’t think to take another direction.

At the moment, VDRs are the best storage option, which is extremely easy to use and gives companies the ability to do most of their work remotely.

How secure is it to store sensitive data in virtual data rooms?

A virtual data room is the leading document management software with high-level security capabilities. When choosing your VDR, it’s important to choose a quality provider that provides truly robust security features. The best VDRs include the following features in their functionality:

  • Compliance with the best security certificates

In our case, some of the best security certifications are SOC2 and ISO 27081. With these certificates, you can already say that the program is worthy to keep your confidential information inside its space. The certificates testify that all international standards of security are followed.

  • Modern encryption methods

VDR keeps a document encrypted from the moment it enters the space. Both during storage and during transmission. This makes it invulnerable to unauthorized access, and even if theft is attempted, the encrypted data will be of no value to the intruder.

  • Digital Watermarks

With this marking, companies can avoid illegally copying data. These marks apply to any file format. They also contain information on all actions that have been performed on the document, down to the visibility of the user who performed those actions

  • Extended access rights settings for content

VDR uses the most flexible tools for security settings. Administrators can deny visibility to only a portion of the document, as well as deny copying, printing, editing, forwarding, and downloading of the document. All settings can be individual or group.

  • Two Factor Authentication

This reduces any chances of breaking or stealing a password, as well as any attempts to impersonate another user by logging in from his account because this login system requires a one-time code which must come to the user’s phone number.

  • Possibility to track IP-address

The administrator’s rights also include the ability to check the IP address for its location and type of device. If the system detects suspicious activity, you will receive instant automatic notification to your email.

  • Audit Logs

These logs contain automatic reports and analytics on all activities and all users.

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